Shrapnel - 2/12/12

A late afternoon Shrapnel? Why not.

We'll start at Backhand Shelf, where they want to see Jeremy Roenick hanging in the United Center, Nordiques Nation is trying to Make It Eight, a tribute to Mats Sundin, and a look at when some of the worst teams in the league are losing games.

It will not shock you that the Jackets collapsed in the third period a LOT this year.

Around Columbus, DBJ and CTF have recaps of last night, while the Dispatch talks about Marc Methot's road back from jaw surgery and paves more ground for Jeff Carter's supposedly inevitable departure. You'd think someone doesn't like the guy.

At Puck Daddy, there's a look at youth hockey gone ugly, and why the Chicago Blackhawks losing streak is bad for the NHL as a whole. Personally, if Coach Q gets fired because Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith are having crappy years, I sincerely hope he likes Ohio weather.

At The Hockey Writers, Alex Stallings looks at Columbus' goaltending woes present, past, and potentially future, and DBJ thinks Howson may be up to some bromancy with his recent trip to Philadelphia.

Finally, we'll finish where we began, as Backhand Shelf gives Steve Mason some love for his insane second period stop...and subtly hints that he should be traded to Tampa?

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