Shrapnel - 12/22 Edition

At this point, I'm convinced its not Hitch's fault, any of it. I firmly believe this is a mental thing with the players. I hate to sound like a broken record but they need to figure this out. They're dangerously close to saying good bye to the playoffs.

And away we go!

From Puck-rakers:

Anyone else see the game last night and think Colorado all over again? Aaron Portzline did.

BlueJackets Xtra:

Portzline's power rankings. Its just getting uglier and uglier for Columbus.

I'm tired of the excuses. I don't care about bounces and bad breaks. I'm dying for a win. just score more than your opponent, thats it. I don't give a damn about fights, other teams will use that to their advantage. Time to get disciplined, Jackets.

BlueJackets TV:

If you need something to raise your spirits, watch this. Naturally, they ask all the guys who speak half English.

Here's the latest Weekly Report that looks at the games upcoming for the Jackets.

Yahoo! Sports:

There is a new shutout king. His name is Martin Brodeur. He broke a 40 year old record that no one ever thought would be broken. Does anyone see this record snapped, ever?

Our season can turn around if two things happen. 1) We pry Tim Thomas away from Boston. 2) We manage to play the Senators the rest of the year.

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