Shrapnel - 12/15 Edition


Do I get bonus points for at least predicting the score? For weeks we've talked about what needs to be done. What else can we do? Losing sucks, losing to Nashville is painful.

And away we go!

That Steve Sullivan guy is going to be good someday. We should make a trade for him. He was one of the league's three stars from last night.

Olympics anyone? Brian Burke says the USA roster is almost set, and I'll give you one guess as to who isn't on it but should be.


The morning skate from yesterday. I'm including this now because I noticed that the 'Canes put Aaron Ward on waivers. Anything would be an upgrade to this unit right now.

Recap brought to you by Michael Arace. Anton Stralman was a + player? And we still lost. Ok, something is definitely wrong.

Blue Jackets Xtra:

In case you didn't get enough of it last night, here's a slideshow so you can drown your sorrows once more. We need more Torres in front of the net!

Another back-to-back? It seems like we've done this before...Minnesota lines, Blue Jackets lines. They're a little banged up, and we're throwing Garon into the fire. Go get em, Gar!

The game isn't televised and maybe thats a good thing, for us. Head out to one of these places to catch future games. If things go wrong, hey, at least you'll be at a bar...

As Clint stated in last night's recap, this team is about where it was last year. Which is a good thing because we're actually ahead of last year's squad. The stretch begins tonight!

Puck Daddy:

Came across this nugget, and thought it was really cool. I'm definitely going to go out of my way to pick this up.

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