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Shrapnel – 11/24/11

To our American readers, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you spend the day with loved ones and/or friends with a minimum of travel headaches.

To our Canadian readers, yes, we get a four day weekend, but you lucky SOBs get the free agency kickoff as a national holiday. Give us our little victories where we find them.

Speaking of little victories, the Jackets did continue their points streak, though the team wasn’t able to solve Fatso in the shootout. For more perspectives try Blue Jackets Country, Martini Hockey, DBJ, Strait-Jackets, LTL, and Puck-Rakers.

At Backhand Shelf, Bourne has some tips on receiving passes like an NHLer, and takes a look at how guys can shoot the puck like crazy these days.

Over at Heart of a Jacket, Alison is thankful for the Jackets, the blogging community, and all of you.

Want to hear something fantastic? Because Niklas Backstrom had to leave the Wild’s game for “personal reasons” yesterday afternoon (turns out that he needed to be at the hospital for the birth of his child – congratulations to the Backstrom family!), the Wild had to sign an emergency backup goalie while they flew 3rd string netminder Matt Hackett up from Houston. That backup? 51 year old rec league goaltender Paul Deutsch, who signed an ATO and took warmups with the club. How cool is that? Way to go, Paul. 🙂 You lived the dream.

At Pro Hockey Talk, they look at Jaromir Jagr suffering a setback, some upcoming Shanabans, Ray Emery and Daniel Carcillo are unimpressed with the mall scene in San Jose, and a guy building an NHL caliber arena in Southern Ontario who “does not expect” to get an NHL team, but he sure wouldn’t say no.

The much vaunted rematch of the Sabres and Bruins was plenty physical, but ended in a bit of a fizzle.

I usually don’t link the “Three Stars” posts at Puck Daddy, but the headline picture today will make any Blue Jackets fan laugh out loud.

The Five Best Canucks Backups Of All Time, according to the Vancouver Province, features a familiar face.

At Strait-Jackets, Dannie sees things starting to come together.

Again, have a wonderful holiday. We hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend, and we’ll see you later!