Shrapnel - 10/13/11

Wake up, stretch, toothpaste on the brush, scrub.

Last night was tantalizingly close, yet incredibly frustrating. Over at Heart of a Jacket, Alison talks about the night that almost was, DBJ offered his thoughts, Eric Smith chimes in, and of course we have Puck-Rakers and the Dispatch.

Some really interesting stat-geekery on the cost of injuries and how much teams pay for wins.

Michael Arace talks to James Wisniewski, and it's clear The Wiz is burning to get going.

The Islanders' third leaked again and God help me, but it looks like a Mets jersey.

Over at TMM, Jeff talks realignment and Midweek Madness, including a highlight of this excellent Bob McKenzie piece at TSN.

ESPN's Pierre LeBrun has a look at what drives Rick Nash.

Your Backhand Shelf digest: An editorial on why it would be stupid to sue Don Cherry, a discussion on head trauma in hockey, David Clarkson isn't really meant for retail, the latest DGB / Bloge Salming video handles some Shannabusiness, a pro goaltender responds about goalie abuse, and some poor fool handed Dion Phaneuf a firearm.

Hockey Prospectus takes a look at the best and worst backup goalies. Having received my copy of their 2011-2012 season guide, it's filled to the brim with stuff like this, and I'll be writing an actual review for you guys soon.

Finally, over at Puck Daddy there's talk about the Red Wings giving concessions to stay in the West, Flyers fans staying classy, Eric Nystrom going over to Dallas, the other side of the coin on the Don Cherry debate, and an Albany radio show host / programming director doesn't seem to understand his listeners.

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