Shrapnel - 1/20 Edition

For some reason, the loss last night didn't upset me as much as any other this season. A few things could be the reason:

  • I have a lot of respect for Philly and their style of play.
  • They're an Eastern Conference team and we hardly ever play them.
  • I was also watching Ohio State just obliterate Northwestern which made me happy.
  • It was just a fun game to watch./

Entertaining is the best word to describe it. Lots of back and forth action. If I were king, I would schedule the Flyers and Jackets to play each other 82 times a season.

And away we go!


Tribute to Michael Peca.

It happened again last night. For the fifth straight game, the Jackets have given up the first goal of the game. Might as well start pulling the goalie for the first 2:30 of each contest.


BlueJackets XTRA:

The importance of leadership.

It was nice to see the Flyer fans give RJ a warm welcome in his return to town. They did however, play a little game of jumps-the-gun when they thought he completed the hat trick in the third. The Philly faithful littered the ice with orange hats.



Umby wasn't the only one to return to Philly last night. Coach Hitchcock made his return as well. Take a look as people ask "What if he never left?"

Too many times we get mad at officials, refs, and umpires for bad calls. This is one of those times. Do we start looking to technology to handle these things?


Yahoo! Sports:

Patrice Cormier of the QMJHL has been suspended indefinitely after elbowing an opponent in the head on Sunday. There is a video of the hit. WARNING: it gets graphic and very, seriously frightening. It was an absolutely viscious hit that demands serious punishment. There is absolutely no place in hockey for those kinds of antics. Yes, things get rough at times, but that was totally uncalled for.

The Hurricanes have a new team captain. Staal takes over for Brind'Amour, who wil start wearing an "A" in place of the "C."


BlueJackets TV:

Game highlights. I'm getting awfully tired of listening to Bill Davidge. I can't believe I'm saying this but, bring back Danny Gare!


Quote of the day:

"Really I am grateful for the lasting friendships and memories that the game of hockey has given me, and I would like to thank my family, teammates, and the fans for all their support along the way."

- Michael Peca, on his retirement. You'll be missed by a lot of people, Pecs. #19

Fight of the night:

Our very own D Mathieu Roy v. Flyers C Ian Laperriere.


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