Shrapnel - 1/18 Edition

These days, if you said Columbus would score 5 goals in a game I'd call it a win. No doubt about it. If you told me the 5 goals would come against Chicago, I'd still predict a win - 99 times out of 100. Saturday (go figure) was that one time. Falling behind 2-0 really set me off. I was yelling things at my tv that I never, ever, ever, ever would hear myself yell in public. In the few moments I turned away from the game, it became 2-1 then in the blink of an eye 3-1.

I went from hopeful to steaming once again. Everything just happened so fast. I saw us up 4-3, 5-3, 5-4, then it was tied. Eventually Chicago took the lead and that was that. I think it was the kind of game this team needed offensively. Score a lot, and hope for the best. Anytime you can muster up 5 goals, you'll be in pretty good shape. Anyway, on to tonight, and St. Louis.

And away we go!


Changes are coming to the lineup for tonight. Nothing too shocking really. Portzline mentions a "smallish" Russian forward expected to go Top 10 in the draft. Funny, I know of another "smallish" Russian forward that went in the top 10. How'd that work out for us?


BlueJackets XTRA:

There's a new look to Blue Jackets XTRA. If you're familiar with the old one, then I promise you'll like this one more by default.

Sunday recap of the action on the ice. Who knew Rick Nash was 11th in goals scored, and who knows where he'd be had the not had that awful scoring drought?

Were we too late in acquiring Chris Clark? Without Michael Peca on the roster, the team severely lacked that wiry old vet and mentor that was so desperately needed. Umby says he's infectious though. Wait, his "maturity and outlook are infectious." My bad.



This is a new feature to BJX. Any Cleveland Indians fans in the house? Anyone have tickets to tonight's game? If you answered yes to both, you're in luck, kinda. Tribe reliever Jensen Lewis will be signing autographs tonight during the first intermission.

Why you ask? The Indians and Jackets created a partnership to help promote for each other  Remember, earlier this year, Mase went up to The Jake (yes, I still call it the Jake, sue me) to throw out the first pitch of a game.


BlueJackets TV:

Post-game Comments:





Yahoo! Sports:

As much as I despise the Wings, Pavel Datsyuk and Todd Bertuzzi were masterful in the shootout loss to the Blackhawks yesterday.


Quote of the day:

"People talk about heart and soul and leading by example, that's him."

- Capitals F Matt Bradley, talking in regards to Chris Clark.

Fight of the Night:

Ok today is a rarity. I'm giving this honor to THREE different fights.

However, this one gets page honors because I LOVE watching our rivals beat the piss out of each other. And, I really appreciate the playing of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' in the background after Eaves got busted open.

Watch Rangers F Sean Avery v. Canadiens D Josh Gorges here.

Watch Rangers D Wade Redden v. Canadiens F Benoit Pouliot here.


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