Shrapnel - 1/13 Edition

Well that sucked. What an ugly game. Something isn't right when Rick Nash has to start throwing punches. Forget it and move on, Jackets, and Jackets fans. We have a bigger monster to face tomorrow night. We have to take Chicago to the edge and then push them off. Get back to winning and into the mix!

There's still reason for us to believe, don't give up any bit of momentum and come out flying IN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF THE GAME. Look at what St. Louis did. They came out skating harder and wanted it more than we did. End of story. I like our chances if we play Chicago the way St. Louis played us. Agree? Disagree? Lets hear it.

And away we go!


I've heard the Sommet Center called the Death Star, a building that we just can't win in. If thats the case, what do we call the Scottrade Center? My vote goes to "Another stupid building we can't win in." We haven't won in STL since '07. Sickening.


BlueJackets XTRA:

Blue Jackets chat today. Tom Reed will fill in for Porty today.

More on the whining Alex Burrows and some other notes.


Yahoo! Sports:

A legend has retired. I don't care what anyone says, the man known as CuJo was a great goalie. He went out the right way, knowing the time had come, and not grasping onto his past accomplishments or the fact that he is Curtis Joseph.

Speaking of great goalies, Martin Brodeur, you know, the guy that broke a record that no one thought would ever be broken, added to his resume last night. If Mase and Garon could post shutouts in 40% of their games, we'd be in good shape too.


BlueJackets TV:

Game highlights. Nasher's first fight in a long time. I hate how these highlights are always from the opponents announcers point of view. Jerks.


Here's an upcoming look at the rest of the week. The next two games are CRUCIAL. I can't stress this enough. Fearless prediction: 3 out of 4 points.


Quote of the day:

"The first period killed us,the first 10 minutes killed us."
-Team Captain Rick Nash. Well isn't this just the story of the season?


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