Sergei Bobrovsky's outburst: A passionate play or problematic?

Do you have a problem with the goaltender's display of frustration?

In last night's game against Carolina, Sergei Bobrovsky displayed some real frustration after letting up a goal high from the point. Take a look:

My first thought was that I love seeing guys get fired up - within reason - and this certainly felt reasonable. But then I read this tweet:

And I was, to put it mildly, confused.

Don't you want your best players to be sick and tired of losing? Isn't that the same fire we celebrate in Brandon Dubinsky? Some players' "grit" or "heart" results in untimely penalties that puts the team at a disadvantage. Bobrovsky's reaction may make Dalton Prout feel a little uncomfortable, and maybe it should...

I get it. Your goalie is the backbone of the team. When he breaks, the team crumbles. We've seen it before.

That's not what I saw in this play. I saw a player who's been hung out to dry ten too many times and was tired of it. I saw a player who still managed to secure a win while playing behind a below par defense.

Bobrovsky time and time again bails this team out. Is it wrong for him to boil over in frustration after this long and trying season?

What do you think?

Do you have a problem with Sergei Bobrovsky throwing his stick?


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