Ryan Murray Suffers Shoulder Injury

The #2 overall pick from the 2012 NHL draft suffered a shoulder injury on Friday that, depending on the severity, could threaten his season.

If you haven't heard the news, I hate to be the one who breaks it to you, but once again the Blue Jackets' luck has come up snake eyes.

While playing with the WHL's Everett Silvertips on Friday, 2012 #2 overall draft pick Ryan Murray dislocated his shoulder in a fall to the ice. Over at the Dispatch, Aaron Portzline is calling it a "Shoulder Injury" and waiting for official word from the Blue Jackets on the severity, while TSN's Bob McKenzie is guarded, but bringing up concerns that surgery could be required depending on the degree of the dislocation. We'll likely know more on Monday, after the young defenseman undergoes an MRI.

If we're lucky, this is a relatively minor dislocation / separation that will heal over the course of a few weeks, but given our collective track record, this could mean that Murray's eventual NHL debut would be delayed to next season regardless of when the NHL and NHLPA ratify a new CBA.

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