Here are the numbers: Blue Jackets offering Ryan Johansen some options


According to John Davidson as relayed through our very own Dan P., the Blue Jackets have extended three offers to breakout center Ryan Johansen: 2 years, $6 million; 6 years, $32 million; and 8 years, $46 million.

As of yet, these numbers still aren't good enough for the player, who is said to be seeking a yearly payment to the tune of $6.5 million or more.

More to come...

[Update from Dan]

I'm back from the Media Lunch, and just so that you could have some context, here's Davidson's full answer to a question about his "extortion" comments in which he uses the phrase "Enough is enough" more than once. In addition, he quotes these offers and also notes some player comparisons that the team is using. I wanted everyone to have the full context of the offers and the "enough is enough" quote you've probably seen/heard.

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