RUMOR: Blue Jackets Pursuing Dougie Hamilton?

There's been some off and on suggestions that Columbus might be interested in the talented young defenseman, but a report out of Boston today suggests there's some fire under all that smoke.

Some interesting news out of Boston - it seems the Bruins are having some trouble getting RFA defenseman Dougie Hamilton under contract - and it sounds like there's serious concerns about someone sending over an offer sheet.

In that same article, the Bruins beat writer Joe Haggerty suggested that the Blue Jackets are showing "keen interest" in Hamilton, who would be an obvious solution to the team's issues on the blue line.

Haggerty is vauge on if he thinks the Jackets would be interested in an offer sheet, or simply sending the Bruins a trade offer, but you would think the front office would be more interested in a trade, given the likely compensation.

If, as Haggerty suggests, Hamilton's asking price is north of $6 million AAV, that would mean surrendering at least their first, second, and third round picks - and as good as Hamilton is, that's an awfully steep price to pay considering the projected depth of the 2015 and 2016 draft classes.

Like any report or rumor involving offer sheets and trade targets at this time of year, you have to take things with a grain of salt, and then there's the source of this particular report. Haggerty has his own subsection over at our fellow SBNation blog dedicated to his crapulence, so he's not exactly a guy you count on for gospel truth. Still, even a blind squirrel finds a nut here and there, and Hamilton's name has come up in connection with Columbus in the past.

The Bruins were also reportedly calling about both Cam Atkinson and Mark Letestu prior to this year's trade deadline - obviously neither happened, but it could be interesting to keep an eye on.

Keep your seats in the upright and locked position, guys. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

Do you think the organization should try to acquire Dougie Hamilton?

Go for an offer sheet!43
Look at a trade package171
Either way, the price is too high.60

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