Roster Moves: Carter Activated, Nikitin to IR

Just a quick update for you as we continue to grumble about getting ClockBlocked last night - the Jackets have officially activated Jeff Carter from the IR, with the center expected to play tomorrow night in Anaheim....which is exactly where he got hurt last time.

I'm sure that lightning can't strike the same place twice. Right? Right.

The team also announced that d-man Nikita Nikitin was moved to the IR retroactive to January 21st. The team had hoped that Niki6 would be able to rehab over the all star break and be able to play on the trip, but it seems his leg will need more time to heal.

Expect a lot of eyes watching #7 on Friday Night. With trade rumors over his status continuing to swirl, the best thing for Carter to do is to go out and play a solid game. No matter which side of the trade Carter / keep Carter debate you're on, seeing a strong effort after his injury would be a good sign that he is 100% healed and ready to go for whatever comes next.

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