Quick Takes: The Streak Continues

Do you think there’s a harder building to visit in the NHL right now than Nationwide Arena?

You know the Blue Jackets are going to come for you so many different ways.

You know they’ll find ways to make you pay for mistakes.

You know the crowd is going to be against you all night, and the league is starting to realize just how loud the voices in Columbus can be.

Add the Edmonton Oilers to the teams who came in thinking they’d come at the king, and found themselves added to the pile of victims.

Full credit to Cam Talbot, who kept the Oilers in this game when the Jackets were buzzing around his doorstep, but the unsustainable power play once again carried this game, with the Jackets going 2 for 3 with the man advantage, and Nick Foligno taking advantage of a perfect turnover to give his club a two goal lead early in the third period.

Eight straight home wins.

Their 16 game win streak now stands as the second best in NHL history.

This battle is won.

The war goes on.

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