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Point/Counterpoint: Examining the Blue Jackets’ October Schedule

Point: The Blue Jackets have been put at a disadvantage with their October schedule.

Counterpoint: Nah, it’s fine.

Point: All seven games in October are against playoff-caliber opponents. For a team looking to avoid another bad start, they have no easy wins.

Counterpoint: There are more winnable games here than you think. Boston has missed the playoffs the last two years – just like us!

Point: We lost that game 6-3.

Counterpoint: Sure, but we had a 3-1 lead halfway through! Just because it’s winnable doesn’t mean we will actually win.

Point: What about the next two games? San Jose and Chicago are the last two Western Conference champions.

Counterpoint: At least they’re home games.

Point: Yeah, some home games. Blackhawks fans always flood Nationwide Arena so there’s more red than blue in the crowd. As for the San Jose game, I think most Columbus fans were at home watching Ohio State play Wisconsin.

And then there’s the road trip!

Counterpoint: What about it? Road trips are part of the game.

Point: It’s 4 games, which is really long. We normally just play the three California teams. This trip starts with a game at Dallas – the second half of a back-to-back! The time zone changes can be rough on a player.

Counterpoint: The California trip isn’t so bad. Last season we did that in early November and won the first two of those three games. The second leg of a back-to-back in Dallas, well, at least it’s only one hour difference.

Point: You’re not worried about fatigue?

Counterpoint: Not really, no. First, it’s a very young roster. Those players in their low 20s should be able to handle this. We hope the team is as well conditioned as Coach Tortorella said they would be. That would help. They get three days to recover after the trip before playing a home game on November 1.

Point: Against that same really good Stars team!

Counterpoint: Even in our worst season we can still beat really good teams. My final point is that we get this week of days off before jumping into this 5 game stretch. The team can be rested, but they also get time to continue practicing together. Kind of like an extended training camp.

Point: I hate this week off. I was so excited for the hockey season to get started, and now it’s on hiatus already.

Counterpoint: I don’t mind. It’s given me more time to watch baseball.

Point: BASEBALL???? It’s hockey season!

Counterpoint: Yeah, but it’s the playoffs, man! How cool is this? I’m really enjoying these playoffs, especially as a Cleveland fan.

Point: Wait, “enjoy” the playoffs? What is that?

Counterpoint: Is that a serious question?

Point: I’m a Blue Jackets fan.

Counterpoint: Touché