Pick Your Price for TIckets to the Next Three CBJ Home Games!

The Cannon, along with our SBNation ticket partner TiqIQ, would like to offer you the chance to "pick your price" for the next three Columbus home games. What's better than a live NHL game? The speed, the excitement and the chance to see your home team's stars and those of the visiting teams. The only thing better is to pick your own price!


From TiqIQ:

For those games, The Cannon ticket partner TiqIQ enables fans to pick their price via the ScoreBig.com "make an offer" feature. For example, for the game next Friday - Jan 13th - fans can save up to 50% on "2 star" tickets (as determined by ScoreBig.com) with an offer of around $26. Fans should click here to see the deal: http://tiqiq.us/6RE

For Saturday Jan 14th's game, the average ticket price is $84. With the "make an offer" feature, fans can get "3 star" seats with an offer of about $64 here: http://tiqiq.us/6RK

The game on Tues Jan 17th has an average ticket price of $106. But by using the "make an offer" feature, a "4 star" tickets can be had for offers of around $86, here: http://tiqiq.us/6RQ

Just click the links, make your offer, and away you go! You can get discounted tickets to games against the Coyotes, Sharks and Oilers, respectively.


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