Murray to Undergo Season Ending Surgery

The Blue Jackets have confirmed that 2012 2nd overall draft pick Ryan Murray will undergo surgery to repair his injured shoulder. The recovery will require at least three months - perhaps more.

It's disappointing on several levels - not only will this cost Murray a chance to break into the NHL this season (should there be a season), it also will prevent him from participating in his final World Junior Championship tournament. Almost a shoe-in for the team (and perhaps the captaincy), he will instead be watching from the sidelines as friends and teammates play for their country.

Like most fans, it's hard not to wonder what might have been. If there had been no lockout, Murray almost certainly would not have been playing in the WHL. The chances of suffering a freak injury still exist, but it's all too easy to think that this particular random accident could have been avoided.

Unfortunately, there's nothing to be done now but allow Murray to heal, and hope that the injury will not have any long term side effects that could impact his promising career.

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