Marching Orders - 4/8/13

The Jackets' playoff chances took big hits this weekend, but they are still just barely alive. To keep the flame burning, here's what we need.

How bad was this weekend? From a high of a 30% playoff chance after the trade deadline, the Jackets' odds are down to single digits.

They're not Nashville, who saw their chances virtually snuffed out against Chicago, but what was a narrow path to walk has thinned to the edge of a knife.

Not many games tonight, which is good and bad - the club doesn't see their odds worsen, but they also don't see many of the other teams behind them potentially slip, either.

For our best remaining odds, we're looking for Vancouver to win over Phoenix in regulation, and Anaheim to beat Edmonton.

In the Eastern conference, the Rangers continue to look like they're going to make the postseason, but it isn't locked in yet.

We're rooting for the Maple Leafs in regulation, and for Carolina to beat Boston any which way they can.

If things continue to slide and the Jackets are eliminated from contention, I'll probably stop these articles, but who knows? Perhaps they'll find a way to keep things interesting.

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