Marching Orders - 4/16/13

The Jackets' playoff chances got a major boost with their win in OT last night, but it's nowhere close to a done deal. Here's who to follow today as we continue hunting for the playoffs!

Despite the horrors of yesterday afternoon, last night was one of those moments that brings fans together, and the way the community reached out to fans in Boston was just awesome.

Good on ya, guys. Thank you.

Since the Jackets rewarded our insomnia with a huge win, their playoff chances are now hovering at just over twenty percent, and the right break of results could push them up to 25% by the end of today.

Going from single digit chances to one in four? How about those Jackets, indeed.

So, tonight we're rooting for:

Edmonton over Minnesota.
Los Angeles over San Jose.
Vancouver over St. Louis.

All victories, of course, in regulation - from here on out the three point game is anathema.

Meanwhile, in the East, the Rangers continue to hang around the 90% mark - so there's still a chance they'd still miss the postseason...but it's not a terribly big chance.

Aside from random bizarre luck we're rooting for...

Philadelphia over the Rangers in regulation.
Winnipeg over Tampa in regulation or OT.
The Islanders over Florida in regulation.
Washington over Toronto in regulation or OT.
Ottawa over Carolina in regulation or OT.

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