Game Thread: Blue Jackets at Red Wings

At what point is this Blue Jackets team simply no longer satisfied with, "Well, we tried, but we've got to try harder?" When a guy who's been in the league for the greater part of two decades plays six games with you and says, "Yeah, the effort and work habits aren't good enough," it's time to take a long look in the mirror. Perhaps Vinny Prospal's comments are well-timed, as the Jackets are going to have to bring their A-game--provided they actually have one, can locate it, and are able to cross state lines with it--tonight to beat the Red Wings, who have yet to lose and are allowing a paltry 1.25 goals per game while scoring almost two more goals per game than that. The lineup is basically the same for Columbus from Tuesday night, which at least should mean some shots on goal. Only Marc Methot is in (in place of David Savard) tonight, which does shake up the D-pairs.

At least it's Friday night, so if I stay up all night drinking to drown my sorrows from this game, I don't have to go to work hung over tomorrow.

Keeping it simple: 2.5 goals for the Jackets... are you taking the:

over (3+ goals)?15
under (2 or fewer goals)?18
shoot, I'm going straight to Windsor to gamble FOR REAL2

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