Game Thread #12 - Blue Jackets vs. Oilers

Game Five of the six-game homestand sees the Oilers come calling, complete with their bevy of #1 overall picks.

I'm going to try not to hold it against Nail Yakupov that he's wearing the wrong sweater tonight. And, I certainly don't mean that as a slight to Ryan Murray, or to his pesky shoulder.

But, let's be honest: we all felt cheated. We felt kicked--again--in the groin. Yakupov should be in Union Blue right now. His five goals would lead the Jackets, and his eight points would be tied for the Jackets' team lead.

But hey, what's done is done.

The Jackets are on the inside track for another crack at the #1 overall pick, and the Oilers finally look to be heading up in the standings, thanks in large part to some actual defense being played for a change. Their scoring is down, in fact, and their goals-against is WAY down.

That said, it's going to be tough to see them trot out all of those top picks while knowing that most of our first round picks are in other cities, out of the league, or under-performing.

Yeah, I'm bitter. What of it?

At any rate, they still have to play tonight. The Jackets are the more rested team, having been off and at home since Thursday. The Oilers are playing their second game in as many days, and in as many different cities, having lost last night in Detroit.

Let's show Nail what he's missing, eh?

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