Game 74: Transformations

The road seems to be where this Jackets' team takes its' turns for the better or the worse. From starting the season in Europe, their first big run which carried them to the top of the Central Division fell apart after their first game in Detroit. Losses in Edmonton, Calgary, and St. Louis carried warning signs. Victories in Toronto, Flordia, Chicago, and Pittsburgh offered hopes and excitement. The final trip to Northwestern Canada may have spelled the end of their true playoff chances.

But tonight, with Mathieu Garon getting the start, a fresh face in Maksim Mayorov, and a need to recover some face from the last two losses, this is a chance for the Jackets to transform themselves once again, and find a victory in the change before they return home again.

If you're watching live, we salute you. If you're just checking in before going to bed and looking back in the morning? Have a pleasant night.

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