Game 58 Recap - Mile High Massacre

I don't get it. I just don't get it. If its not one thing, its another. Early goals, slow starts, no scoring, no defense, whatever the case. This season has been going down the drain steadily since November. However, recently, the Jackets have shown some kind of pulse. In recent games, they stopped giving up the early goal, even scoring first.

Last night was no different. It was the best start I've seen out of the Jackets since their hot start to the season. They jumped out to a huge lead on the shot board, they were passing so well, and skating really well. Nothing could go wrong. For the moments they played keep away it was not only entertaining, but refreshing. Its good to know they can still control to puck at all, now its a matter to sustaining that throughout an entire game.

Antoine Vermette scored the first of three shorthanded goals on the night. Too bad two went in favor of Colorado. His goal was the only one of the night, and his 18th of the year. He's tied with Umby for second on the team in goals, and tied with Juice for second in points (43). He's quietly becoming one of the better Jackets this year.

The Avs went on to tie the game on Kyle Quincey's 5th of the season. After the game, Derick Brassard was quoted as saying the following: "After they scored the first goal our confidence went down"

I have one question. Why? For what possible reason could you lose confidence? The Jackets had control the entire first period and all of a sudden they just laid down and let Colorado walk all over them. Makes me sick.

The second period was rather dull. Brandon Yip extended the Avs lead with a quick shot from the slot. Again, no one around to push people away from the goal. Both Juice and Tyutin had good chances but neither ammounted into anything. Nasher had the only other chance but rang his shot off the right post.

There was still hope as the third period started. But, like most nights, the Jackets came out flat and played sloppy in the final 20.

A turnover by Voracek allowed Yip to score again and put the nail in the coffin.

Giving up shorthanded goals is bad. Giving up two is even worse, yes? But giving up two on the SAME powerplay is, unforgivable. That double minor was the perfect opportunity to get back into the game but it was pissed away because of turnovers (again). O'Reilly lit the lamp in a 3 minute 15 second span. Shorthanded. Did I mention we had a 4 minute power play?

Its easy to point the finger at the goalie and say he shouldn't have allowed those goals, but it starts with the guys in front. All 5 of them. Someone has to make a statement. Someone has to step up and be a damn leader because I don't see one.

Mancrush: Antoine Vermette. He continues to perform well even when his teammates don't.

Doghouse: The Voracek - Brass - Torres line. Combined -12? Turnovers on the parts of Brass and Voracek lead to two goals, while Torres was bumped from the line for his play on the first two Colorado goals.

Post-game Video:

Game Highlights

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