Game 54 Open Thread: Hosting the Fishes

This is going to be super-abbreviated. Completely busy here, but this is your game thread.

Couple points to make:

1) Matt Cooke is a douchebag.

2) The Sharks are scary offensively.

3) The Jackets will need to set the physical tone early, and forecheck like madmen.

4) Loved seeing the guys work as a group in last night's game, the transition from defense to forward was the best I've seen it. They will have to continue that tonight.

5) We have both scoring lines clicking right now, with occasional offense from the plumbers. Now it's time for the d-men to start putting up points. Looking at you Russ, pot one tonight bud!

6) Matt Cooke is a douchebag.

Go Jackets.

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