Game 4(X) Open Thread: Jackets @ Pens.

...have you ever noticed that in all of his on-ice pictures, Crosby makes monkey faces? It's like he's an incredibly gifted and athletic orangutan.

Seriously, you make 8.7 million dollars a year, son. Get some orthodontia, a face trainer, a luchador mask, I don't know, something. Good lord.

Here's your open thread for tonight's game - it should be on local TV in Pittsburgh, will be on tape-delay on the NHL network, or blasting across the radio waves courtesy of the Blue Jackets Wheeling Island Casino, Hair Care, Tire Center and Airport Radio Network.

If the offense can get rolling, this should be one heck of a game to watch - I wouldn't be shocked at all if this game ended 5-6 or 7-6.

On the other hand, we're also seeing guys like Jared Boll and Derek Dorsett in the lineup, so if the Pens start trying to get chippy again, you have to think they'll demand they answer the bell.

Keep your ears on - we'll let you know what goes down.

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