Game 2 GT: Jackets At Wild

Look, what's done is done. There's no reasoning with me. - Capt. Jack "Howling Mad" Murphy

Tonight, especially if the Jackets defense continues to need adjustments, a lot of people are going to talk about the lack of James Wisniewski, the presence of Cal Clutterbuck, and wonder if there will be retribution.

For the sake of winning tonight, I hope not. The Jackets really killed themselves with the three penalties in quick succession last night, and Minnesota's power play could be extremely dangerous with Heatley and Setoguchi clicking.

I'd far prefer to see the team make their statement in the one place that matters: A healthy number on the scoreboard, and a bunch of Wild fans going home wondering if the best part of their evening was the free wi-fi.

Keep an eye on Maksim Mayorov and Aaron Johnson tonight - they've each got opportunities to impress tonight and potentially hang on to their roster spots for Monday.


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