Game 18 Open Thread: Quack, Quack Charlie

I tried my best, I really did!

I fell asleep during the second intermission of the game against the Kings, missing the most exciting parts of course. Tonight is Friday, however and come hell or high water I am going to watch tonight's game from start to finish, 11:00pm ADT start be damned.

The win against the Kings was huge-and the Jackets will need to continue to put up California Ws to keep pace in the tightly packed Western Conference. The Ducks are very good on home ice, so tonight will be a tough one.

I'm looking for Filatov to get his first goal of the season tonight.

In fact, it's my (in)famous FEARLESS PREDICTION of the night, which means that Nik won't score a damned thing.

The top line were the stars of last game, but in the first and second periods they weren't cohesive. That unit will need to be "on" tonight, and the checkers will have their hands full with Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan.

Have you seen the leaked image of the Ducks' new third jersey? Very cool.

Dis be yer game thread.

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