Game 17 Open Thread: Jackets vs. Wild

For the first time in a while, I'm legitimately excited to watch a Blue Jackets game. In fact, I'm as excited, if not more, than I was before the season opener. The reasons are simple, the Jackets are coming off a win, Carter and Wisniewski are on the ice together, Letestu and Nikitin have brought fresh blood, and Ryan Johansen is playing very, very well. If only Nasher can start one of his scoring binges, as I alluded to in the preview...

At any rate, it's looking like Mason vs. Backstrom in the cages tonight. Without sounding too cliche, this is a statement game for Mase. The defense has been re-tooled. The forwards are essentially set, as they should have been opening night. As long as the rest of the team delivers in the effort and execution department, Mase has every reason to succeed.

Selfishly, I have a bit of a wish list for tonight's game. It's nothing too fanciful...

1) I want to see The Wiz blast a one-timer from the point past Backstrom on the powerplay for his first goal of the season.

2) I want to see Johansen,Letestu and Prospal continue to make things happen offensively.

3) Rick Nash. Scoring binge. Begin.

4) I want to see Mase make all of the saves he has to. He doesn't need to be flashy, just effective.

5) Boll/Clutterbuck. Not Boll/Staubitz, which is the more likely scenario. BOLL VS CAL CLUSTER+#$&

6) Jeff Carter goal.

7) A thunderous check on a Wild player, the kind that brings the crowd to its feet. No injuries on the play of course.

We'll see how many of my wishes come true tonight. Check back after the game for my recap.

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