Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament, Game 42

Ah, what could have been

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Which 2009-era player will reach the semifinals?

Round 4, Game 42: Jakub Voracek vs. Rick Nash


Round 2: Defeated Steve Mason 124-43
Round 3: Defeated Sergei Fedorov, 115-56

You said it:

Voracek (after 3 productive years) was flushed straight down the toilet along with a 1st rounder in the Carter trade. Voted for him because of not for a stupid FO, he’d be putting up 20+ goals a year for us. - bobcat_mike

I don’t dislike Mason, I was just always a fan of voracek. That was the first CBJ trade that really upset me. - elpalito


Round 2: Defeated Kristian Huselius 126-33
Round 3: Defeated Manny Malhotra 136-39

You said it:

For me, it’s not how I feel about him now, but how I felt about him while he was here. I don’t miss the guy and I thought we got better when we traded him, but that doesn’t change how much I enjoyed watching him in the early years. - Dale B.

Well, I took Nash because he was our first true star and the best player on the roster, by far, for years. It wasn’t his fault our incompetent FO couldn’t complement him with much talent. He saw his career slipping away and finally decided he had to leave the sinking ship behind. It was messy but I can’t really blame him. The good he did for this franchise far outweighs the bad. - saul overnow

Yikes, those comments don’t reflect well on Scott Howson, do they?

Defend your choice in the comments, and cast your vote below:

Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament, Game 42

Jakub Voracek44
Rick Nash89

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