Derek Dorsett on Jordin Tootoo: "An Irrelevant Player"

DD drops my favorite quote of the season so far...

Speaking after the game and commenting on his first period scuffle with Jordin Tootoo, Derek Dorsett did not mince words.

"You think you’re fighting a 6-5 Ericsson and then Jordin Tootoo comes in and sucker punches you. But that’s just Jordin Tootoo. You expect those kind of things from him. Me and Ericsson were going to fight, we were backing up. Tootoo was being himself and came in swinging, being the cheap player that he is. In my mind he should have gotten a suspension. Those are the type of things that they’re trying to get out of the game, but he’s an irrelevant player, so it doesn’t even matter."

Every time I get a little miffed with Dorse, he comes back with a game like last night, and a quote like this. And then I love him again.

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