Congrats to our All Star Game Ticket Winners!

We've got some winners over here!

First off, thanks to Discover for giving us these ticket packages to give away. That was a very unexpected phone conversation, and it was a big thrill to have this opportunity.

As Andy posted, we had 8 non-staff commentors in our top ten for last year, with just shy of 15,000 comments between them. That's...kind of crazy, and adds up to an average of 5 comments every day. (Even if probably half of them were "Dammit, Boll!") Thank you for being part of our community, and thank you for helping to make this place what it is. We love you guys!

The winner of our All Star Game Skills Competition tickets package is...Will.Harding.509!

For the record, Will had 2289 comments last year - way to go, and it just goes to show that participating does pay! :)

For our All Star Game tickets, we had 62 unique entries. Thanks to the magic smoke at, our All Star Game tickets winner is....PHotchkiss! He's a Nick Foligno fan - excellent choice, sir.

Congratulations to both of you, and thanks to everyone who entered. We hope to see everyone around town this weekend!

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