#StreakMemories: Jackets Cannon's Favorite Memories Of The Near-Record Setting Streak

The staff at Jackets Cannon runs down their favorite memories from the last month-plus as the Blue Jackets knocked on the doorstep of NHL history.

It's a weird feeling to wake up and find the Blue Jackets on the other end of a hockey game. Columbus was, as you know, a win away from tying the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins for the longest winning streak in NHL history, but it wouldn't come to fruition as the Washington Capitals had their way with CBJ in a 5-0 victory.

Gone is the 16-game winning streak, but forgotten it is not.

It was a great run for the Jackets. They were the subject of national talking heads and hockey blogs, they got a full Ringer article and lone bottom line header on ESPN dedicated to them. They gave you...me...us fans something we'll never forget.

So, lets do just that! Lets never forget! Below, the Jackets Cannon staff runs down their favorite memories of the 16-game streak.


PD: My favorite moment has to be Scott Hartnell's hat trick against Pittsburgh. It's always so satisfying to beat Pittsburgh, but especially to hammer them so hard. My second favorite moment: actually being there for #16 on Tuesday. The crowd was feeling it at the end

Elaine Shircliff: There's nothing better than Hartnell making it rain hats all over Nationwide against the Penguins. Especially since he's a former Flyers player. And Torts 500th win! He was all "Haters gonna hate hate hate, I'm just gonna win em all."

Matt Wagner: Hartnell's hatty is up there for me, for sure, but I think if I had another it would be the NYE game. From the double fight onward the Jackets made it clear they weren't going to that game get away from them, and it was a hell of a night to watch.

Seeds: Beating Mike Smith and the Coyotes when we put 60 friggin shots on his net.

Ryan Real: As the only Blue Jackets fan in South Carolina, getting to see the Jackets hang seven on the Pens in person (with a bonus "Fleu-ry" chant) ranks as my favorite moment. Just ahead of shaking off a collective hangover with the team and crowd the next night for that nerve-wracking win over Montreal. Also, yeah, that win over Mike Smith and the Coyotes. A "we are *not* losing this game" effort if I've ever seen one.

Fletcher Keel: I remember watching the game against the Islanders and, more specifically, I remember wondering what in the world was happening in that third period as the Jackets just kept on scoring. It was awesome. I was literally laughing at how ridiculous it was, but enjoying every second of it. Also, I loved extending the streak in Winnipeg and hanging five goals on the Jets. As the second and final CBJ fan south of Ohio and a Thrashers orphan, there's nothing I enjoy more than beating them.

Mike MacLean: I have a few favorite moments from the streak. Lukas Sedlak getting his long-awaited first NHL goal in the win over Detroit; Sam Gagner finding his game; Curtis McElhinney standing on his head to beat the Kings in a shootout; and my favorite moment - clobbering the Penguins in what was perhaps the biggest statement game in team history.


Now that you know what all of our favorite moments were, lets hear yours. Drop us a comment below or hit us on twitter and use the hashtag #StreakMemories to let us know what your favorite memory/memories of the streak were.

It was a great streak, and will be remembered as such.

Now, to start a new one tomorrow.

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