CBJ Celebrations: Making the Blue Jackets Part of Your Party

A salute to those who incorporated the CBJ into weddings, birthdays and babies

Given how many of us make the Columbus Blue Jackets a part of our daily lives from October through April (and beyond), it follows that us CBJ fans would also incorporate the club into the special occasions in our lives—weddings, birthdays and the like. After thinking about how my wife and I used Blue Jackets’ jersey numbers for our wedding centerpieces, we asked on social media just how many CBJ fans had done similar things and received some absolutely dynamite responses.


Those are incredible. Subtle, classy and a great way to rep the Jackets on one of the biggest days of your life.

“The Whip” is a certified banger and it’ll be a bummer when the Jackets inevitably move on to a new goal song (I also tried to do this at my wedding but the DJ screwed it up). Glad Stinerman got to live like Nick Foligno for a minute...we salute you.

Ryan and Amber Lennon placed CBJ pucks at the centerpiece of every table at their wedding (front and back shown here). They also went to the Jackets/Ducks game on October 20 for their honeymoon, which beats a tropical vacation any day (especially because the Jackets won, 3-1, thanks in part to two Rick Nash goals and a 31-save performance from Steve Mason). Well done.

CBJ fan Ryan and proposed to his now-wife De Anndrea at an Ice Haus adult skate after a Blue Jackets win over the Sharks. More from Ryan:

“We are still married and I shipped out for the Air Force in May of 2009 after that. We still catch at least one CBJ game in person every year, either at home on leave or wherever we are. Plus we watch them all from the house via online in Tampa right now.”


You may know Sara and Curtis as “Mr. and Mrs. Chapman” as they occasionally wear their custom jerseys to CBJ games.

Take it away, Sara (known to many fans as Sara BlueJacketFan):

Getting married the day before our first game against #VGK, all our guests wearing #CBJ attire, exchanging authentic #CBJ Jerseys instead of rings, high fiving instead of the kiss, and saying “Fer Sure” instead of “I DO.”

I’ve been a season ticket holder since the beginning. Curtis has gradually over time become a fan. We’ve been dating for over 20 years. Before the Jackets, I took him to a company sponsored event Clippers game. It went 18+ innings until 1 a.m. He swore he’d NEVER go to a sporting event with me again. Then the Jackets came to Columbus. Before the lockout in 2004-2005 the NHL games could end in a tie, that is how I convinced him to go to a game with me.

The officiant is wearing a referee jersey that belonged to the former Arena Table Hockey volunteer. Some of the Jacket Backers officers were there, including the President and Vice President.

The high-five makes it. Those are some next level nuptials.

The cannon might be the most recognizable piece of Blue Jackets lore. Opponents hate it, it’s the name of our site and the club even put it on a jersey. But how about as a venue? Rick and Jodi Walston got married at the cannon on December 20, 2016 with friends and family before a game against the Kings. Maxwell Cohen of the Blue Jackets helped them set up a truly awesome day. Jackets won 3-2 in a shootout, by the way.

More from Matthew:

Regarding the CBJ v. Sabres, we did go all out and bought rink side seats in the CBJ shoot twice side. It was a terrible effort and was the time when panic and despair were setting in for us Cannonites as noted here and here. My wife was just becoming a hockey fan at that time and that game almost ruined all my efforts up to that point. I was able to keep her with it though. We were partial season ticket holders last 4 years but are taking this year off as our first child is due 10/8. Tickets were not in the time nor financial budget, but rest assured, we’ll be watching from home and will get back in the arena ASAP.

WOOF. Hey, honeymoon can only get better from there. The first time you bring your child to Nationwide will be magical.


Eva Garcia Polach had a great idea for a combined birthday party: get Cam Atkinson cupcakes involved.

So last year we had to combine our two youngest kids’ birthday parties due to their older brother going to boot camp. Didn’t really know what to do as far as a theme because what 11 year old boy wants a princess party with his 5 year old sister? I suggested CBJ kinda as a joke because the year before we did Green Bay Packers for my son. They both got super excited and I won’t lie, I did too! Helped that we are a CBJ family and had tons of stuff around to help decorate! I ended up putting pictures on Twitter and the jackets sent us some autographed Cam Atkinson souvenirs which made it even more awesome!

How cool is that? Good on the Jackets for making it extra special.

Look at that cake. That’s a good cake. And Stinger in the tumbler! Great way to celebrate turning Michael Peca years old.

That’s some great consistency. Please throw that girl a puck!


Martin and Katie from Brantford, Ontario came up the cutest baby announcement on Earth. The couple announced to their parents by giving them each a bunny with a personalized CBJ jersey. We’ll be excited to welcome a new Jackets fan in October!

Did you work the Blue Jackets into your life event? Share in the comments!

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