Calvin Thurkauf brings speed, offense, and grit to the table

After watching many of the Cleveland Monsters get called up to the Columbus Blue Jackets, Calvin Thurkauf (forward) will get his chance to shine. In 47 games with the Monsters, Thurkauf sits just three points (25) behind Stefan Matteau and is tied for third on the team with Nathan Gerbe. His 16 assists has him tied with Matteau at fourth on the team. While, nine goals on the season has him tied for second with Sam Vigneault.

Thurkauf has four multi-point games this season proving that once he gets going there is no stopping him.

One of Thurkauf’s greatest attributes is the way he scoops up rebounds when a shot is fired from the point. He will either skate below the goal line or stand to the side of the crease waiting for his chance to grab the rebound. After grabbing the rebound, Thurkauf will either shoot it right back at the goalie or pass it off to an open teammate who has a better shot at the back of the net.

As of late, Thurkauf has been rushing the net at warp speed in an attempt to get one past the goalie. If the netminder kicks or bats the puck away, his ability to stop on a dime proves helpful in picking up rebounds. Over the years, Thurkauf’s ability to play situations out in his head before they happen has gotten better with every game. In the past when rushing the net, Thurkauf would skate around back and try to go for a wraparound goal if he didn’t see an opening. Now, Thurkauf knows where his teammates are at all times allowing him to quickly pass off the puck when there isn’t an open shot for him to take.

The final thing Thurkauf brings to the table which will prove helpful to the Blue Jackets is his grit. He is unafraid to lay big hits on the boards, push opponents off the puck, and get into it with anyone trying to cause shenanigans. As the Jackets head into the last quarter of the season, the Metro will be more aggressive than normal due to the tight race for a playoff spot. A guy like Thurkauf will be a great asset to use in gritty, rough games.

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