Who Should Start In Goal Tomorrow?

Short and sweet: if you were Todd Richards and his coaching staff, who would you start in goal on Tuesday against New Jersey?

First and foremost, I am NOT trying to stir up controversy. Sergei Bobrovsky is the starting goaltender for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Curtis McElhinney is the backup. One just won the Vezina. One is a career backup. There is no debate there for me. That's not what I'm even trying to start up.

But, the Jackets stopped a four-game losing streak with McElhinney between the pipes last night. He was a slow whistle and a shove into his own net away from pitching a shutout against a good offensive team in the Canucks. To my eyes, Sergei Bobrovsky clearly needed a night off, and CMac was more than adequate.

So, as the Jackets welcome a scuffling Devils team in on Tuesday night, who should start in goal?

The Devils aren't an offensive dynamo (they score slightly fewer goals per game than the Jackets do at 2.12), so it's not like we're throwing anyone to the lions.

If it were me, I think that the team needs to win, and you ride the hot hand in CMac, knowing full well that you've got two tough opponents coming up on Friday and Sunday in Toronto and Anaheim. I'm of the opinion that CMac can steal you another win on Tuesday, and Bob would then be fresh and clear-minded for the weekend's tougher games. But that's just my opinion.

What say you, Jackets fans? Leave your rationale in the comments!

Who would start in goal Tuesday against the Devils?

Sergei Bobrovsky47
Curtis McElhinney54
Either - it doesn't matter because the Devils aren't good.6

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