Bizarro Game Day Matchup #24: Video Jackets at Video Canucks

The Video Blue Jackets took Sunday night off (couldn't be helped... travel SNAFU), so they missed out on getting some revenge on their former coach and defenseman. However, they piled into their plane ("We'll take the Spruce Moose! Hop in!") and headed west to take on the reigning Western Conference champs. With the only blemish on their video record being a loss to the Eastern Conference--and Cup--champs, this one had the makings of another defeat.

Especially early, when a check-happy defense got burned.

It got a bit white-knuckly late (there is some semblance of art-imitating-life with the way the last minute of the third period began), but the Jackets wouldn't go quietly. How'd they fare?

Video after the jump followed by some game notes. Enjoy!

1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period

Final: Blue Jackets 3, Canucks 2 - Game Notes:

  • Three Stars: 3. Alexandre Burrows, 2. Vinny Prospal, 1. Jeff Carter
  • Video Carter is a scorer of goals. He's good for a sick wrister almost every contest. Hmm...
  • You can see my ghost in the reflection on the screen from time to time. See if you can tell how serious I got in that last minute.
  • The AI seems to have picked up on some of my tendencies. I'm having to settle for a lot of slapshots and wristshots from far away. My passing lanes seem to be few and far between. Perhaps I need to spend a little time honing my offense.

Enjoy the game!

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