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Adidas Teases New CBJ Sweater

Thanks to Chris Creamer over at Sportslogos.net, we’re getting a teaser for all of the new NHL home sweaters as part of the “Form the Future” campaign that Adidas is launching with the league.

With the NHL unveiling each team’s new look as part of the expansion draft in a few weeks, it’s a nice way to get some hints about how things are going to look when all 31 teams hit the ice in just a few months.

We knew the Blue Jackets would be sticking to their primary logo and the Union Blue, so this doesn’t offer too many surprises so far, but it will be interesting to see just what shape the final product takes, and if the cannon shoulder patch logo that was so popular in the final Reebok designs will be sticking around, or replaced with some new branding.

We can expect to see the home kit during the expansion draft, and the CBJ should be unveiling their road kits at the NHL Entry Draft party here in Columbus, so keep an eye out for more reactions as we get a more complete look at the team’s new threads.