A Look Into the CBJ Record Book

A couple weeks back, I did some digging and wrote a pretty lengthy piece on our current Jackets career stats. Now that the franchise is getting older, we have a lot of players who have played their whole careers in Columbus. This time, I want to look specifically at Columbus Blue Jacket franchise stats. This will give you a pretty good idea of where the franchise has been on the scoresheet, and where its going.

Where do they stack up against the rest of their Jacket bretheren? Find out after the jump.

All-time CBJ Forward Records

Given the revolving door between Columbus and Syracuse I took our top 5 performing forwards from this past season to look at. While three of these players have established their careers elsewhere, they have all put dents in the CBJ record book.

Player GP (All-time rank) G (All-time rank) A (All-time rank) P (All-time rank) PIM (All-time rank) PPG (All-time rank) SHG (All-time rank) SOG (All-time rank)
Rick Nash 517 (2nd) 227 (1st) 195 (2nd) 422 (1st) 494 (3rd) 71 (1st) 12 (1st) 1,667 (1st)
Antoine Vermette 99 (35th) 34 (14th) 44 (T-17th, M. Peca) 78 (17th) 40 (40th) 7 (T-18th, D. Brassard) 3 (T-4th, S. Fedorov, T. Wright, M. Sillinger) 189 (27th)
Kristian Huselius 148 (21st) 44 (10th) 75 (8th) 119 (8th) 80 (23rd) 13 (T-10th, T. Wright) 1 (T-12th, 7 others) 374 (12th)
RJ Umberger 164 (14th) 49 (8th) 52 (13th) 101 (12th) 93 (21st) 17 (T-5th, M. Sillinger) 1 (T-12th, 7 others)

455 (8th)

Jakub Voracek 161 (15th) 25 (T-19th, T. Letowski) 63 (12th) 88 (14th) 70 (28th) 4 (T-26th, J. Hrdina, T. Marchant) 0 255 (16th)

Breaking it down:

Clearly Rick Nash has been the superstar of this team for years - that won't change. He only ranks second in GP and assists to David Vyborny. Both of those records should be shattered this upcoming season. For Antoine Vermette, being ranked 14th all-time in goals isn't too bad for a guy who hasn't even played 2 full seasons in Columbus.

Its very likely that Jake and Vermette jump into the Top 10 in goals scored at the end of this year. Umberger is probably the most consistent player on the roster. He'll continue to shoot up the charts and be one of the all-time CBJ greats. Juice can join Rick Nash and David Vyborny in the Top 3 in the assists category with 31 more.

All-time CBJ Defensemen Records

Top 3 defensemen of 2009-10

Player GP (All-time rank) G (All-time rank) A (All-time rank) P (All-time rank) PIM (All-time rank) PPG (All-time rank) SHG (All-time rank) SOG (All-time rank)
Anton Stralman 73 (24th) 6 (T-15th, J. Hejda, M. Methot, M. Timander) 28 (T-11th, M. Commodore, L. Odelein) 34 (13th) 37 (27th) 4 (T-9th, D. Westcott, A. Foote) 0 121 (18th)
Fedor Tyutin 162 (9th) 15 (4th) 51 (4th) 66 (4th) 130 (13th) 8 (T-4th, R. Klesla, J. Spacek) 1 (T-3rd, 4 other) 316 (4th)
Kris Russell 203 (4th) 11 (T-8th, D. Westcott) 42 (7th) 53 (6th) 74 (18th) 2 (T-12th, A. Eriksson, P. Nummelin) 0 284 (6th)

Looking at the franchise's history of defensemen, its easy to tell why we've been stricken with the bad luck we have. Our defensive corps have never been anything to be feared. Rusty Klesla leads almost every major category, and could go down as one of the top producing D-men.

As much as you may dispise him and his turnover ways, Fedor Tyutin is one of our best guys. He'll be worth keeping around in the long run. Look for him to be 2nd or 3rd all-time in goals by seasons end. Anton Stralman - I'm really on the fence with him. He put up solid numbers in his first year, but I question his toughness in a division we need need that. He'll be one we remember years from now, but not significantly.

Kris Russell will really stand out as a top franchise defenseman. Like, Tyutin, he'll be one of our top scoring defensemen after this year. It'll be a fight to see who ends up 2 and 3 behind Klesla.

All-time CBJ Goalie Records

The man, the myth, the soon to be legend, Steve Mason

Player GP (All-time rank) W (All-time rank) L (All-time rank) SA (All-time rank) GA (All-time rank) GAA (All-time rank) S (All-time rank) SO (All-time rank) TOI (All-time rank)
Steve Mason 119 (2nd) 53 (2nd) 46(4th) 3,311 (3rd) 303 (12th) 2.65 (4th) 3,008 (3rd) 15 (1st) 6,865:05 (3rd)

His rookie season alone has told us what we need to know about Mase. He will be the best goaltender the CBJ will ever have. It will still take him 2-3 more seasons to jump ahead of Marc Denis in games played, shots against, saves, and time on ice. He will challenge Denis for wins this year. His 10 shutouts in his first year were enough for 2nd all-time. Need I say more? This kid is special. Lets hope for a huge bounce back this year.

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