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Shrapnel – 11/4/11

Well, Happy Friday, anyhow.

It was another hard night for Jackets fans, and likely a sleepless night for several members of the Jackets’ front office. There are recaps from the Dispatch, Heart Of A Jacket, Michael Arace put up a take for Puck Rakers, DBJ, LTL, and words from the other side of the aisle at PPP.

On the other hand, it is Friday. That means wonder, newness, and magic. It’s the weekend. Adventures will happen. Songs will be sung. Dances may take place in shadowed groves as the leaves turn to brilliant colors and the scent of woodsmoke fills the air.

Of course, we’re still playing the Flyers on Saturday, but take what you can where you can.

Over at Icethetics, he’s doing a “loose threads” wrapup for October.

Back at the Dispatch, Bob Hunter suggests the only cure is a winning streak.

In case you didn’t hear, Pekka Rinne got PAAAAAAAAID, but what does that mean for Shea Weber and Ryan Suter?

At Martini Hockey, it’s a tale of two Scotts today.

In Toronto, there is a massive sinkhole on Bayview Avenue. Rumors that Steve Mason flew home last night to visit family are unconfirmed, but possibly related.

Over at Strait-Jackets, Kat thought she saw a light at the end of the tunnel in week 3 for the Jackets, and a couple weeks in review for the Falcons.

At SBNation, Travis takes a morning skate that features Teemu Selanne still being incredible.

For Jeff Little, his thoughts are summed up in one word: “Enough!”

At Backhand Shelf they’re taking a look at Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, why they think the Rinne deal is the right call, think that Brendan Shanahan needs to send Patrick Kaleta a serious message (and he did, sort of, but again, not really enough – does the James Wisniewski suspension look sillier and sillier as the season goes on, or is it just me?), they talk about the threeworst jerseys of all time, and hockey jobs you don’t want.

At Down Goes Shelley, he’s putting together a twitter all star team, and aiming to try for another twitter block.

Finally at Puck Daddy there are not one but TWO jackets on the who will be the next Mike Sillinger list, Cal Clutterbuck punched a ref, Danny Briere had a controversial shootout move that reminds me of Jason Williams‘ controversial move two years ago, and goalie curses on Long Island.