Shrapnel - 10/8/11

Sometimes you go to a hockey game and learn things you didn't expect. In my case, last night, I learned a lot about the Predators Section 303 supporters group, who turned out to be sitting in my section.

They were loud. They were boistrous. They had pre-planned chants that annoyed the hell out of everyone around them. They had railroad whistles. They had a "section leader" who called out signals to co-ordinate their efforts. They were...incredibly effective. By the end of the night, I wanted to throw out anything I found in that shade of mustard yellow, up to and including the bottle of Plochmann's in my fridge.

If this is what the Arch City Army is hoping to be (and I think they are), I sincerely hope the ACA had someone watching and taking notes. Better yet, given that Nashville fans have generally been friendly and accommodating outside of game time, maybe call them and get detailed information...

The only downside? As the game wore on several 303 members started tossing empty popcorn and candy boxes at the Jackets fans below them. NOT COOL. If they had kept it to verbal razzing, cheers, and what happened on the ice, I'd have happily said they were the perfect example of a fan group on a road trip, but those actions bottomed out their class level.

Edit: Based on updates from the comments and an email from Codey from the Section 303 crew, it's been confirmed that they did NOT throw the boxes. I thank them for reaching out and apologize for taking the wrong impression.

Now, on to the rest of your Shrapnel!

Something cool: Jeff Carter ended up winning 24 faceoffs in last night's game, setting a franchise record.

Recaps from last night from both sides: Hockey Night In Nashville, The Dispatch, On The Forecheck, Puck-Rakers, PHT, and the Jackets Journal.

Remember that for all the Nashville fans crowing about how this could be affecting playoff positions, if the season ended today, the Jackets would still be in 6th, which means that right now, this game means....precisely nothing.

Over at Backhand Shelf they talked about picking up the D in Philly, a look at fighting in hockey over the years, and scoring plays from behind the line.

Over at THW they have the second part of their season preview and some talk about Ryan Johansen in their rookies to watch.

Don Cherry called out a lot of players who are questioning the role of fighting and advocating safer hitting. I find it HIGHLY IRONIC that the same guy yelling about how Scott Stevens turning Eric Lindros' head into a paint shaker should be a legal and admirable hit is the same one crusading for no-touch icing because he wants to avoid people getting hurt. Unsurprisingly, the players Cherry insulted are furiously responding.

Michael Arace saw last night as a fresh start for the Jackets.

Your Puck Daddy wrap up: Mike Milbury is all sound and fury, signifying that the camera was turned on, the Coyotes have a fairly ballsy ad campaign, and a sit down chat with David Backes about this offseason.

Crimespree Hockey talks about why the Jackets should move East, and DBJ has thoughts about the new captains.

The Jackets will turn around and be right back at it tonight in Minnesota - we'll have more later!

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