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Shrapnel - 50/50 Edition

After taking a few more PR Haymakers yesterday, the NHL has decided to get down to brass tacks in today's CBA negotiations. Could this be the start of the road back to hockey? Take a look at the latest news.

Shrapnel - 9/25/12

In honor of our new look, we roll out a brand new edition of Shrapnel, including a look at the current Oilers / Seattle "controversy"

Shrapnel - Lockout Edition

With the lockout casting a pall over everything it touches, we offer reactions both nationally and from the local Blue Jackets community as we continue to hope for disaster to somehow be averted.

Shrapnel - 9/3/12

We talk grown up subjects, go back to school, get a report card, and consider the implications of some new logos in today's Labor Day Shrapnel. Won't you join us before going back to the BBQ?

Shrapnel - 8/31

Some good Labor Day Weekend Shrapnel to help you get on the road, including some great news from a former Jacket, why we like Brandon Dubinsky, and a heartfelt apology about damage to a garage door.

Shrapnel - 8/10/12

We take a look around the NHL, including fears of a lockout, unexpected surgery complications, what to expect when you could be a potential captain, and badminton. Yes, Badminton.

Shrapnel - 7/26/12

A Thursday morning Shrapnel to collect the Rick Nash aftermath, the sartorial excellence of Brandon Dubinsky, and a few other bits and bobs you may find of interest.

Shrapnel - 7/21/12

We touch on the tragedy of Aurora, CO and take a look at the hockey world doing it's best to go forward in today's Shrapnel.

Shrapnel - 7/18

A nice evening wrapup of news around the Blue Jackets and the NHL, plus some Cannonfest info!

Shrapnel - 7/12/12

A nice bit of evening Shrapnel for your reading pleasure! Rick Nash trade talk, Salary arbitrations, Teemu Time, Cannonfest, and more news from around the Blue Jackets and the NHL.

Shrapnel - 7/7/12

Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. The falcon cannot hear the falconer, and the widening gyre brings Shrapnel on a Saturday morning.

Shrapnel - 7/1/12

As we wait for free agency to open, we take a quick look around the news with a Canada Day Shrapnel!

Shrapnel - 6/28/12

A nice evening Shrapnel, mostly because I finally had time to write today.

Shrapnel - 6/24/12

Your post-Draft Shrapnel, with a drab or two of editorializing along the way.

Shrapnel - 6/21/12

Your last pre-draft Shrapnel as we get ready for Friday's festivities!

Shrapnel - 6/16/12

Your weekend Shrapnel - Rick Nash birthday edition.

Shrapnel - 6/9/12

A mid afternoon Shrapnel as we prepare for Game 5 tonight.

Shrapnel - 6/6/12

A Thursday morning Shrapnel on what could be the end of the 2011-2012 season.

Shrapnel - 6/3/12

We catch up with the world at large in a bit of a late night Shrapnel to wrap up your weekend!

Shrapnel - 5/26/12

A Memorial Day Weekend Shrapnel for your relaxing reading purposes!

Shrapnel - 5/19/12

Your Saturday Morning Shrapnel is here, with a raft of Jackets' prospect news!

Shrapnel - 5/17/12

A Thursday morning Shrapnel looking at more coaching reactions, the CBA, and the news from around the league last night!

Shrapnel - 5/12/12

A Saturday Shrapnel to get you ready for tonight's Game 7 matchup!

Shrapnel - 5/10/12

Your Thursday Morning Shrapnel, because what else are you doing right now?

Shrapnel - 5/6/12

Your Sunday Morning Shrapnel comes with Hockey Hugs, Beer Shenanigans, Comeuppance, Victory, and trade proposals. What else do you really need?

Shrapnel - 4/28/12

Your Saturday Morning Shrapnel, featuring the All Star Game Logo reactions!

Shrapnel - 4/26/12

The playoffs grind onwards, and we're one step closer to the Semi-finals with today's Shrapnel!

Shrapnel - 4/25/12

Your Wednesday Shrapnel, with a healthy consideration of Roberto Luongo trading in his Orcas for some Union Blues.

Shrapnel - 4/22/12

A Sunday Morning Shrapnel as we look at three more clubs on the brink of elimination.

Shrapnel - 4/20/12

Your Shrapnel for Friday, April 20th, where I will work hard NOT to make the joke everyone is expecting.

Shrapnel - 4/19/12

With the first round sweeps out of the picture, it's time for some more Shrapnel to get you through another Thursday.

Shrapnel - 4/17/12

A Tuesday morning Shrapnel looking at last night's playoff action, food trucks, and the upcoming World Championships!