Your Turkey Week Edition of Cannon Blasts

Some Forbes rankings, the evolution of the All-Star Game, notes from the NHL GM meetings, and LOL, ok Lucic.

Well, here we are rounding the quarter pole in the season this week (isn't that sad?). If you're in the U.S., I hope you get some time to enjoy Thanksgiving with loved ones. Unless I see a bunch of super awesome links, I will skip a late-week edition of Cannon Blasts and I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the food coma for missing that.

-The annual Forbes NHL Team Values Rankings are out, and it's not a pretty picture for Columbus. The Jackets rank 29th in current team value ($200 million), while also coming in the bottom 5 in operating income ($6.3 million loss), revenue ($86 million), and debt/value % (38%). The team did see a 14% increase in one-year value. The fanbase failed to crack the top 10 in their annual "Best Fans" rankings.

-Arctic Ice Hockey detailed the evolution of the NHL All-Star Game.

-Missed this last week, but here are some notes from the NHL GM meetings. The Blue Jackets actually played in one of the last game (the last one?) featuring a dry scrape before overtime. That is now gone. Goal review will be expanded as well.

-The inconsistent play of the Jackets is upsetting to Todd Richards (Union and Blue).

-Somehow, the Jackets escape 30th place in the famed "power rankings."

-ICYMI, Lucic is...well, he's upset about being KO'd in one punch by Dalton Prout.

Can we get some wins this week everybody? Oh look, it's another Tuesday/Friday/Saturday slate of games. Deja vu?

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