Your quick and dirty Cannonfest placeholder post

Like usual, I need about a day or so for my head to stop spinning and put coherent thoughts together, but I can tell you that once again this fan community came together and made an amazing event happen.

I don't have final numbers yet, but attendance was by all estimates over 300 people, and raised ~$1000 for the Blue Jackets foundation. When I get the exact totals, I'll update the post.

To put that into some perspective, we're talking about filling the entire restaurant from entrance to exit, bar to patio, with hockey fans. In August. On a Sunday. During a point in time where we're staring down the all too likely threat of another lockout. For the team that finished dead last this past season, and got kicked every possible time they were down.

We put the word out, and you came together. Because your love of the sport, because of your love of the team, and because of the bonds that have been forged through these long years in the wilderness.

Columbus as a hockey team may get kicked around by other fan bases, but no one should doubt the way that this town has become a hockey market. Once again, I am amazed by how defiantly we shout our joy into the face of so many struggles, and I cannot wait for the day when this team becomes the contender that the fans deserve.

My sincere thanks to Greg May, Tom Felrath, Rick Gethin, Nick Johnson, The Cannon Report, the Jacket Backers, the Arch City Army, Fox Sports Ohio, and of course the Blue Jackets for all their help.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the amazing videos that Skraut unveiled for us this year...

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