Your November 17th Cannon Blasts

An interview with Jarmo, some notes from around the league, and Voracek has moved on from his trade.


Time for some links this fine, snowy (depending on where you are) day:

  • FSO snagged a one-on-one interview with GM Jarmo Kekalainen. Interesting to note that the two biggest FAs in 2015 are everyone's favorite huggers. Offers have been made, but no progress. If Foligno keeps up his pace, you should see his next contract at around $5 million+ AAV, if not more. Bob wants to paid like an elite goalie, while the speculation here is that management sees him in that tier right below. Either way, expect a raise and the remainder of the season will serve as a bit of a bargaining chip.
  • Josh Cooper (Puck Daddy) thinks Columbus should "tank," or would at least benefit greatly from landing one of McDavid or Eichel at the 2015 Draft (the team would turn into a "juggernaut," he says). The season is only 17 games in, let's pump the brakes on the tank talk. I put out the necessary win percentage to get into the postseason and of course, the team responded with two wins. Only 81 more points to go (and 65 games remaining). Back-to-back playoff appearances are much better for this franchise than landing a top two pick, in my opinion. UPDATE - Ryan Lambert, also of Puck Daddy, provides his #take on the situation. Interesting note - just five CBJ players have played in all 17 games: Johansen, Hartnell, Boll (#danghostpepper? We can work on that to get it trending in Cbus), Chaput, and Savard. Yikes.
  • Sad health news regarding Gordie Howe. Ditto for Sens GM Bryan Murray.
  • It appears Western expansion is on the way in the NHL, with some rather notorious owners already being settled on. Team name - The Las Vegas...BlackJacks? Provide your mascots below, if you'd like.
  • And finally, with all the turnover since he was traded, Jake Voracek says it's just another game when he faces his former team (which, if you're new around here, is the Columbus Blue Jackets...who traded him, with 1st (Sean Couturier) and 3rd (Nick Cousins) round picks, for Jeff *arter in 2011...who didn't want to be in Columbus, so they shipped him to L.A. for Jack Johnson and a 1st rounder. That pick ended up being Marko Dano. Oh and *arter went on to win two Cups). Would you even trade Voracek for *arter straight up right now? Voracek may end up back in Columbus this one of the top All-Stars.

On tap this week:

-Detroit at home on Tuesday

-Boston at home on Friday

-Back in Philadelphia on Saturday

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