Why Rick Nash is Still a Jacket: An Outsider's Perspective

I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say that most Blue Jackets fans, and hockey people in general, want the Rick Nash saga to come to an end. It's been going on for far too long now, and one of three parties will need to cave- either Columbus GM Scott Howson will have to ease back on his demands, Rick Nash will need to add to his list of teams that he is willing to play for, or a potential trade partner will need to give in and provide Howson with what he wants.

There has been a lot of speculation on where Rick Nash will end up. One of the teams that he has been linked to is the Philadelphia Flyers, both due to the Flyers being one of his preferred destinations, and also due to the Flyers' possessing a boatload of great, young talent.

Our SBNation hockey editor, and head man over at our Philly blog cousin Broad Street Hockey Travis Hughes decided to chime in with his thoughts on the scenario.

I diagree with Travis on his assessment of Howson's transactions last season- he claims that Howson "bungled" the James Wisniewski signing, and the Carter to LA deal was "lopsided". (We have yet to see the full effect of the Wisniewski and Johnson acquisitions, but I wouldn't call either deal bungled or lopsided).

He goes on to claim that the reason Nash hasn't been dealt yet is because of the high price that Howson is demanding, and that Nash is worth more to the Jackets than any other team. I agree with this statement, but I highly doubt that Nash is a Blue Jacket when the season starts. The potential for locker room disfunction is obvious, regardless of what kind of support he gets from his teammates in the media. There have been far too many wounds sustained on either side for the relationship to be mended. If it means that Howson is the one to finally cave, I think he'll do it.

You know what I think about Travis' article, go on over and share your thoughts.

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