What needs to change for the Blue Jackets?

No team can start the season with a record of 1-8-1 and not be tasked with taking a good look at every aspect of the organization.

On Thursday, the team faced a tough opponent in the Buffalo Sabres, but it was a team that had lost two straight. After beating the Red Wings on Tuesday, the Blue Jackets were in a great position to steal a win on the road and continue to build some momentum. But they didn't.

A team that should have come out fighting and re-energized after a great game on Tuesday played one of the most boring games I can recall in recent memory. And again, they couldn't put up when it counted. A few players showed up. Vinny Prospal, as usual. Cody Bass left it all out on the ice.

Scott Arniel was quoted as saying that he shortened the bench in the second period because "we were going with the guys who were running." I could maybe understand that if we were at the mid-point of the season or in the midst of a long road trip. But on Thursday, the Jackets had no excuse.

So, clearly, something isn't working. What needs to change? Let's open up the floor and hear what you have to say. At this point, no suggestion is too small or too crazy.

What needs to happen?

Someone needs fired54
Someone needs traded36
Nothing, they'll figure it out23

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