What do we need most?

While Clint and Mike are leading up to the Draft, I'm going to cover the beast that is free agency. In the coming weeks, I'll highlight some of the upcoming free agents that might be of interest to the Jackets.

For now, I want to hear your opinion. What position do the Blue Jackets need to address most through free agency or trades?

Please share some names of free agents or trade targets in the comments. That will allow us to focus on the favorites of guys to highlight and feature more in-depth content.

My opinion? I think most will agree that the focus is on the lack of a true offensive defenseman. Someone who can run the power play, preferably with a right handed shot. I still feel it's a shame that Pavel Kubina didn't end up here. It will be interesting to find a defenseman that isn't aging or too expensive. I suppose that's the beast you deal with when you go into free agency looking to add a piece.

Oduya, Bergeron... would Beauchemin come back to Columbus? Komisarek doesn't put up a ton of points, but he does has a hard right-handed shot. Thoughts?

What position do we need to fill the most?

Offensive defenseman42
Defensive defenseman2
Back-up goaltending13

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