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A new era starts today

Welcome to the new home of The Cannon!

We are a website dedicated to covering the Columbus Blue Jackets. We are passionate fans providing game preview and recaps, analysis, prospect profiles, and more. This is a gathering spot to hang out with other fans during games, when news breaks, or any other time.

We are not insiders; we are outsiders. We are the nerds at the end of the bar. We can have different backgrounds and points of view, but we can unite around our love of the Blue Jackets. Even when the team is hard to watch. (Maybe especially when the team is hard to watch?)

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The lifeblood of this website is the community of commenters. Below every post is a section where we want to hear from you. To help limit spambots and trolls, an account is required to comment. You can sign up for free here:

Even if you are a lurker, it is helpful to us if you sign up for a free subscription. The total number of member is a useful metric for us going forward. We will never sell or share your names/emails to a third party, and we will not spam your inbox with emails. After you've signed in, you can click the icon at the bottom right to change the name that appears in the comments (i.e. switch from your real name to your SBN-era screen name).

The rules for our comments remain the same as always: first and foremost, treat everyone with respect and don't be a jerk. Personal attacks, harassment, misinformation, and derogatory language will not be tolerated. Also refrain from using vulgar language (keep it PG-13 and safe for work). In the top right corner of a comment, you can flag any comment which violates the rules and you can block that user so you don't see their comments.

The comment system, Hyvor, shouldn't feel too different. You can embed tweets and images, and pull from a built-in GIF library. The comments are sorted by oldest first be default, but you can change the display to "newest" or "best." If you reach the bottom of the comments, hover over the bottom and an arrow will appear which can take you back to the top, where the box is to create a new comment. Hovering over the vertical lines to the left will show you the parent comment of a reply, and clicking the line will collapse all replies to that comment.

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Our plans for paid subscribers include merch discounts, giveaways, in-person and virtual events, and the ability to submit guest articles.

The more paid members we get, the fewer advertisers/sponsors we will need. That being said, if your business or a business you know is interested, email thepaledragon@gmail.com

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