Welcome Eric St.John to The Cannon Writing Team

You may know him better as RedStorm45, but give Eric a big welcome as he joins The Cannon team!

At The Cannon we take pride in our coverage of major events and games, and the quality of our long and medium-form features and opinion pieces.

We identified two areas that we wanted to improve on- social media and daily coverage of the team and hockey in general. For the former, our Andy Newman has developed a strategy whereby the @cbjcannon account is more engaging with the #CBJ community, and less of an RSS feed for our posts.With the latter, we looked to add a writer to help fill in the gaps, left between the content we've always had success with.

We wanted to find somebody within the #CBJ community, preferably a regular within The Cannon community itself. This is where Eric comes in. Though he only registered with the site in January of last year, his contributions in the comments since have made him a standout member of our community. The quality of his writing and the strength of his opinions was evident in his comments.

Give Eric a big welcome, and since he's the new guy, first round is on him.

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