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Want Free CBJ Tickets? Do You Remember the 80s?

The Blue Jackets have offered us some tickets for the CBJ Social Station, so we’re here to spread the wealth to our readers!

This Sunday, we have three pairs of tickets for YOU and a Friend/Spouse/Co-Worker/Brosef/Frenemy to see the Jackets take on the Ducks as part of the 2013-2014 “No, really, for real this time*” Teemu Selanne retirement tour.

To celebrate this hockey icon, I decided to play a bit with the fact that the Finnish Flash was the Winnipeg Jets‘ first round pick (10th overall) in the 1988 draft. If you’ve been following the Ducks this year, it’s frequently been mentioned several times that about half his Ducks teammates had yet to be born when that happened.

To enter, leave a comment here with how old you were in 1988, including if you were…ah…negative years. For bonus points, include a photo, if you’re willing to admit that was actually you in those parachute pants! Winners will be selected Friday and notified before the game against Toronto that evening.

*Retirement subject to total boredom at golf, if he wins another team scoring title, and just how far the Ducks go in the playoffs this season.

Note: Anyone sitting in the Social Suite is expected to share pictures, tweet, or get on facebook now and then during the game, and to use the #CBJSocial hashtag. You should also be wearing CBJ gear, not another NHL team’s logos, and if we find out that you sold the tickets instead of showing up, we will make fun of you for the rest of the year.

Good luck!

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